Dude, She Friend-Zoned You

“Dude, she friend zoned you.” It was almost autumn. Summer’s sweltering humidity had departed. New York’s weather was cool – perfect for leather jackets and jeans. A buddy and I had been hanging out with a girl and her friend for awhile. It started with great conversations, then mini golfing and going over to their apartment to make dinner. The four of us hung out several times and it felt like there was some chemistry. I was planning […]


Surrendering Your Love Story

For a pursuit to work, both your hearts have to be open. All my life God has been pursuing me, but it wasn’t until I opened my heart to Him, that my heart could be romanced and won. In the same way, for a man to keep pursuing a woman —for a heart to be won, her heart has to be able to be romanced.   She has to be […]


Small Miracles

I just got off the phone with a guy who’s a part of our college ministry who got some devastating news today. He just found out that his dad has inoperable brain cancer and probably only has 4-6 weeks to live. As soon as I picked up the phone, I knew something was wrong. I don’t know this guy well at all. We’ve only met in passing. But as he told me […]


Let Bedlam Ensue

There are times in life when you begin to wander, wondering if you’ll ever find your purpose. You search and pray and ache for the direction you know your life deserves, and still, you are left wanting and aimless. And then at your wedding, you and a group of talented friends come up with an idea that suddenly lights your wild on fire (that’s how it happened for me anyway). […]


The Criticism of Men

There’s a fierce battle raging over masculinity. These days, the arrows come from every direction. Flip through the channels and you’ll see the emasculation of men on a plethora of TV commercials or sitcom-style shows. In the sitcom King of Queens, Doug, the over-weight dad, is sleeping while his personal trainer plays video games in the garage. His wife Carrie walks in, crosses her arms, and shouts, “What the hell is […]


Originality is Magnetic.

Contrary to the popular message in American culture, you cannot be anyone you want to be. A whole generation of boys were raised on a message “be like Mike” (Michael Jordan), while a generation of girls were raised on “be like Britney.” Some of us need to accept that we’ll never be a famous super model, a celebrity pop star, or even a pro-athlete. But you can become a much […]


Meeting the One

You are at a unique moment in history. If you’re a millennial, you are quite literally the first generation that has access to the entire world. With social media, online dating, and big cities, the options for meeting a potential spouse is practically infinite. Compare this to the last few thousands years when you were mostly limited to marrying one of a few people in your small village or town. […]