True Beauty

Throughout my entire middle school experience, I was the epitome of the definition of awkward. I was short, shy, and mildly overweight – not to mention those horrid braces. Gym class was pretty much awful for everyone involved. But the awfulness was especially true for those of us who weren’t exactly the athletic type. Teenage girls can be downright cruel when they want to be. When they see the chance […]


Hurdling the Haters

I had fully intended for quite some time to write an article on how to deal with haters while pursuing your dream. Although I had assumed my race was totally different from yours and that I myself had reached a magical place of fulfillment in which no negative comments could harm me, and out of that I would teach others how to do the same. And then out of the […]


On Insecurity and Identity

During the final week of October, I decided that I needed to commit to some self-care.  I had been feeling anxious and upset for most of the month without really knowing why.  I’d wake up in the morning feeling fine and happy, but most nights I went to bed feeling insecure and sad.  So near the end of the month, I brainstormed ways to try to cope: spending more time […]


Great Not Better

If there’s one thing we’re good at it’s this: comparing. Whether we like it or not, we make comparisons each and every day. Some comparisons are more innocent than others. You are going to have to decide which coat to wear depending on what the bipolar weather will be that day- Ohioans, you know what I mean. You are also going to have to compare your options when eating out […]


Beauty in the Beholder

Everything in creation has a name. Everything created serves a purpose. Even weeds. In fact, by the very definition, a weed is simply a  plant in an undesired place. I have a growing affinity for these so-called mislocated plants. When I venture down a road and take in that which lines my path- white Queen Anne’s Lace and blue Bachelor’s Buttons, or behold a field strewn in the rich hue […]


Originality is Magnetic.

Contrary to the popular message in American culture, you cannot be anyone you want to be. A whole generation of boys were raised on a message “be like Mike” (Michael Jordan), while a generation of girls were raised on “be like Britney.” Some of us need to accept that we’ll never be a famous super model, a celebrity pop star, or even a pro-athlete. But you can become a much […]


The Mirror Struggle

Are you happy with the way you look? Do you often feel unsatisfied and continually spend money, time, energy, go on crash diets, spend your rent on a new purse, all the while scraping up money to get your hair done to portray an image? Maybe you walk into a room and no matter what you have on or how you look—you have this sinking feeling like you aren’t good […]


Discovering God's Will

Discovering God’s will… This topic stressed me out more than you know when I was in high school and college. From my career choices to my boyfriends, I was constantly worried that what I was doing was or wasn’t “God’s will for my life.” I changed my major three times trying to figure it all out. Over the years I have realized that my idea of God’s will was way […]


Fixing Me

For years I thought that after finding “the one” I would automatically have less than “one” problem. Or at least my problems would be significantly less important. Probably my biggest problem would be trying to decide where we should go on our fabulous honeymoon or if I wanted paper or plastic bags at the grocery store. I’m not here to burst your romantic dream, because truthfully finding the one God […]


The Sisterhood

I really like to be liked. It may seem like something of a ridiculous or sell-out statement, but the truth is we can all identify with this. Not many would opt for isolation over friendship. In fact, there is something in the heart of every one of us that desires so badly to be liked, accepted, and desired that we often find ourselves conforming according to our surroundings… or perhaps […]