In the Desert Season

Two months ago, I packed up my faithful Honda for what seemed like the hundredth time, said goodbye to the Florida life I loved, and drove across the country to California. Since then, the majority of the past fifty-seven days have been filled with a strong-willed desperation to find my “new calling”. Without a job to walk into upon my West Coast arrival, I found myself monotonously rearranging furniture, painting […]


Planning for the Unplanned

I’ve had some brilliant plans for my life. Finish high school, go to college, get my degree, travel the world, get a book published, star in my very own melodrama, own a baby elephant, break the world record for number of cartwheels done in a row, be in a Harry Potter movie, fall in love, get married… All before the ripe age of twenty-three, of course. The issue with my […]


A Calm Life

I have 100+ emails to answer/ignore/trash on my Gmail app. Sixty-five on my Mailbox app. Technically, I have six email accounts. Actually, it’s seven; I forgot about the one for my job. Well, one of my jobs. I have two. Both are part time but essentially full time with all the extra shifts I take on. So one and a half full time jobs. Plus the projects, the other things […]


One Word

Let me be the first to welcome you to the end of January. How are those New Years resolutions going? If you are anything like me, they have already seen their demise. Cajoleries such as weekend dates with Netflix and those ever-addicting bags of honey mustard pretzel bits have the tendency to lure me into a state of vegetation as strongly as a sale on muscle milk would lure a […]



“Riiiiiiiiiiiiip!” the clear packaging tape was forced from the dispenser. I finagled with the metal teeth, trying to get the tape to tear without mangling it into a wad. For the number of times I’ve moved  since high school, you’d think I’d have the hang of one of these things by now. I toted several boxes and a duffle bag down a few flights of stairs, peering over the top […]



Flashback to August 9th, 2012. I packed up all I could fit into my Honda, said bye to all I had known, and hit the road. I decided to move 10 hours away to sunny Florida to fix my damaged heart and to set out on a journey to find myself. I left my comfort zone, my family, my friends, my job, and where everything was handed to me. I […]


Leave the Light On

At the beginning of this year I took a mini vacation to Portland with a few friends. It was my first time renting a car and as the designated rental car driver, I found myself laughing at how easy it was to drive in Oregon versus California. To begin, people actually seemed to obey traffic laws. Well…except for me. My three travel-buddies and I were on a quest to find […]


Freshman 15

School has begun. September is here and it’s a fact of life that all educational systems start up again with the fall of summer. For some of you that means you’re entering into a new (maybe even frightening) season. September was always a difficult month for me because of all the changes. However, without change there is no growth…and without growth, well… you might as well be dead. The Freshman […]