So, You're Not a Virgin...

As I dove deep into the world of Christian writers and speakers over the past few years, it became painfully obvious that there exists a divide between sons and daughters of Christ over issues like sexuality, modesty, and the holy v-word — Virginity. At 27 years old, I still turn red and tear up when I hear someone on a stage denounce the loss of virginity and praise purity.  Don’t […]


Valentine's Day

I opened the door, expecting flowers, chocolate…something. As the cold air hit me in the face, I took him in, quickly doing a mental inventory of the fact that he actually had nothing in his hands. But…it’s Valentine’s Day…he wouldn’t have not brought anything right? It was probably in his car. After a mediocre dinner and a drug store card that had been sitting on the front seat, I felt […]


Confessions of a Self-Doubter

Three weeks until the annual youth conference at my church. Three weeks to prepare lessons, deep discussions, service projects and notable scriptures. I’ve been teaching this young group of girls for the past five years, you would think I would have a better handle on it. I have a confession to make…I don’t. My head is pounding and my anxiety level is rising. I scour the internet, study my books […]


Vulnerability Remorse

I climbed into my car, sliding across the front seat and slamming the door simultaneously. It was a foggy evening and the marine layer that hung in the air over Pacific coastal towns had left its mark all over my car windshield. I sighed, turning the key in the ignition. I had fun… I think I had fun? No…I had fun. But then why did I feel so unsettled? Why […]


One Word

Let me be the first to welcome you to the end of January. How are those New Years resolutions going? If you are anything like me, they have already seen their demise. Cajoleries such as weekend dates with Netflix and those ever-addicting bags of honey mustard pretzel bits have the tendency to lure me into a state of vegetation as strongly as a sale on muscle milk would lure a […]


True Beauty

Throughout my entire middle school experience, I was the epitome of the definition of awkward. I was short, shy, and mildly overweight – not to mention those horrid braces. Gym class was pretty much awful for everyone involved. But the awfulness was especially true for those of us who weren’t exactly the athletic type. Teenage girls can be downright cruel when they want to be. When they see the chance […]