Surrendering Your Love Story

For a pursuit to work, both your hearts have to be open. All my life God has been pursuing me, but it wasn’t until I opened my heart to Him, that my heart could be romanced and won. In the same way, for a man to keep pursuing a woman —for a heart to be won, her heart has to be able to be romanced.   She has to be […]


Small Miracles

I just got off the phone with a guy who’s a part of our college ministry who got some devastating news today. He just found out that his dad has inoperable brain cancer and probably only has 4-6 weeks to live. As soon as I picked up the phone, I knew something was wrong. I don’t know this guy well at all. We’ve only met in passing. But as he told me […]


Records on Repeat

They were bad eggs. At least that’s what I told my family when they found the entire sheet cake I had just baked in the trash can. Obviously, I explained, I was looking out for their best interest and health, and so naturally if there was any question about the contents of that cake it just had to go. That wasn’t the first time they had found my food in […]


A Daughter's Hope

It was late evening in Florida when I got the message– “Your mom had a stroke.”  My brother’s girlfriend struggled to give me details from California as I messaged my best friend, “I need you,” and tried to control the tears. No God, please not her. New Year’s was spent rushing off to airports and praying in the sky, followed by sleepless nights in hospital chairs and decisions I never […]


Planning for the Unplanned

I’ve had some brilliant plans for my life. Finish high school, go to college, get my degree, travel the world, get a book published, star in my very own melodrama, own a baby elephant, break the world record for number of cartwheels done in a row, be in a Harry Potter movie, fall in love, get married… All before the ripe age of twenty-three, of course. The issue with my […]


A Calm Life

I have 100+ emails to answer/ignore/trash on my Gmail app. Sixty-five on my Mailbox app. Technically, I have six email accounts. Actually, it’s seven; I forgot about the one for my job. Well, one of my jobs. I have two. Both are part time but essentially full time with all the extra shifts I take on. So one and a half full time jobs. Plus the projects, the other things […]