A Slammed Door

Back in June 2014 I wrote an article entitled, “Three-Legged Dogs in The Land of Want”. If you didn’t read it, it detailed my quest to find an (affordable & cheaper) apartment. I live in Southern California, so that did not at all go as I had hoped. I was bummed, and then later had to get over it, accepting that God must have wanted me to stay-put for the […]


When You Know, You Just Know

“He’s the one. I just know it!” my friend exclaimed over lunch. I felt my jaw begin to clench, noticing how my teeth were beginning to grind at such a radical statement. I almost snorted, so it was probably for the best that my instinctual response was trapped behind a case of lock-jaw. I chose my next words carefully, trying not to choke on my sandwich, “But…haven’t you guys only […]


Hitting Backspace

I walked along the bike trail by my parents’ house, purposely kicking up fallen October leaves with every step. Each stride released the spicy scent of autumn, reminding me why I love this season in the Midwest so much. The crunch of the leaves, the rich golden colors, the prematurely fading twilight. The feeling that anything and everything could change at any given moment. I sighed, shoving my hands into […]


Just a Girl. Just a Boy.

I’m not a fan of dating. Nor am I its poster child. My current position on dating? It’s awkward. Who texts first? How many days do you wait before seeing each other again? What do you wear? I’ve been on some very sweet, well-planned dates and I’ve been on other dates that have been frustrating, to say the least. But there comes a point in a string a thoughtful and […]


Unwrapping Gifts Too Soon

During the last 8-ish years that I lived with my mom, I always knew exactly what gifts I would be receiving on Christmas morning. I knew because I unwrapped those gifts way before Christmas day. And then I would wrap them back. I could never wait until Christmas morning to know what those boxes held, and I would spend days perfecting my surprised face. Side note to my mother who is […]


A Time to be Honest About Pain

“So we’ve talked about school and boys now let’s talk about God. How have you and God been?” It may have been easier to speak if she had asked, “How are you?” or, “How have you been?” But she was specific about everything. She really wanted to know. So for the second time in only a couple of days I had the chance to be vulnerable and honest with a […]