Fishing for Security

Turning this way and that in the dressing-room mirror, I let out a long sigh. This outfit did not look as good on me as it had in the catalogue.  Or on the headless mannequin. I bit my lip. A tell-tale sign I was becoming distressed. Next my fingernails would fly up into my mouth and I would undo all the progress I had made trying to grow them out. […]


Nothing Casual About Love

I love ice cream. Seriously, I do. You know what else I love? Chocolate. Almost as much as I love my high-heeled peep-toe Oxford pumps. I love the smell of wet pavement in the summer. I love sweatpants. I also love watching The Office. I love my friends. I love lamp. I love my parents. I love Jesus. …Ahem. After reading back through my list, I can’t help but feel […]


Because You Exist

When we survey our culture and surroundings it doesn’t take long to realize why so many of us struggle with our identity and value in this world. Television, popularity symbols, movies, and even just going to the supermarket or shopping mall screams at us to improve ourselves, to buy more, to be more. We have mistakenly, and perhaps even unconsciously, placed more worth on the thing than on the person. […]


Confronting the Doormat

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I talk a really big game. I can get worked up with the best of them about what I would do, or say, given the chance to speak my mind. THEN they’d be in BIG trouble. Truth is, instinctively confrontation scares the living daylights out of me. I’m all talk and about .01% follow-through. And on the rare occasion I have been pushed […]


An Original

I have a knack for making awkward situations more awkward. Not in a cool trendy, “hey, I’m a total rebel and I’m doing this on purpose because I do what I want” kind of way though. It’s more like “hey, I’m socially awkward and am hoping you will misinterpret it as unconventional quirkiness… And then think I’m cool.” But that’s just me. Through junior high and high school I swung […]


Not Okay

There seems to be a rumor going around that it’s not okay to be not okay.  That it’s not okay to need help, to feel to the extreme, or even to not know what to do. Somewhere along the line we have believed that in order to be worth the approval and envy of our peers that we must have it 100% together 100% percent of the time. Which is […]