Changing for Change

I get bored easily. Which is ridiculous when you consider how big the world is and how vast the options available to us. But we are a part of the A.D.D generation, where we continually ping from one thing to the next. It’s both a blessing and a curse. God didn’t create us to be content sitting on the sidelines. He created us for activity, movement, adventure. The trouble begins […]


Freshman 15

School has begun. September is here and it’s a fact of life that all educational systems start up again with the fall of summer. For some of you that means you’re entering into a new (maybe even frightening) season. September was always a difficult month for me because of all the changes. However, without change there is no growth…and without growth, well… you might as well be dead. The Freshman […]


Fixing Me

For years I thought that after finding “the one” I would automatically have less than “one” problem. Or at least my problems would be significantly less important. Probably my biggest problem would be trying to decide where we should go on our fabulous honeymoon or if I wanted paper or plastic bags at the grocery store. I’m not here to burst your romantic dream, because truthfully finding the one God […]


The Sisterhood

I really like to be liked. It may seem like something of a ridiculous or sell-out statement, but the truth is we can all identify with this. Not many would opt for isolation over friendship. In fact, there is something in the heart of every one of us that desires so badly to be liked, accepted, and desired that we often find ourselves conforming according to our surroundings… or perhaps […]


Gone Huntin'

Boy meets girl. Boy thinks girl is pretty cute. Boy and girl hang out once. Boy and girl discover that both are Christians. Girl goes home and decides boy could be soul mate….because boy loves Jesus. And boy is kind of hot and has nice teeth. And to girl’s knowledge, boy has never committed a major felony or dated his own cousin. And so the title “future husband” is given […]


Deeper Friendships

Distinctions are important.  I’m finding that truth is the difference between mere affection and sincere love.  I have felt affectionate and have admired many people in my life, but our brief encounters do not allow for deep truths to be reckoned with.  Relationships which remain on the surface level are “phoney” (to borrow Holden Caulfield’s favorite adjective) relationships, in a sense.  They never get past the outer facade we display to the […]