How does one sum up an entire year? 365 days. Or close to it. Sometimes you can’t. Sometimes you must let what was…just be. You must turn the page, and step into what is now here. Embracing, what is before you and learning from what is behind you. That’s where I’m at. For those of you who are new to the She Has Worth page, welcome! For those who have […]


Behind the Smile

“Hey! How are you?” “I’m good! And yourself?” We speak these words most of the time without even really thinking. It’s become a standard greeting, almost as second nature as breathing. I’ve noticed though, that very rarely do we ever take the time to listen, REALLY listen, to what is on the other side of the greeting. Well, what do you mean? They said they were good. I said I […]


The Most Important Person

I have a bad habit of being easily offended as a driver. This is especially bad because I live in New England only two hours outside New York City. When someone cuts me off or pulls out in front of me, I think or say, “Go right ahead. You are obviously the most important person in the world.” In reality, what I am actually saying is, “They clearly are unaware […]



Most of us are somewhat incapable of being alone. Even if you are alone, you’re not really alone. I have no idea when the obsession with my phone began but it was probably as soon as I got one in the 9th grade. Even if I’m sitting in my bedroom solo, texting no one, I feel a compulsion to look at it every five minutes. I check Instagram. I scroll […]


The Mirror Struggle

Are you happy with the way you look? Do you often feel unsatisfied and continually spend money, time, energy, go on crash diets, spend your rent on a new purse, all the while scraping up money to get your hair done to portray an image? Maybe you walk into a room and no matter what you have on or how you look—you have this sinking feeling like you aren’t good […]


Discovering God's Will

Discovering God’s will… This topic stressed me out more than you know when I was in high school and college. From my career choices to my boyfriends, I was constantly worried that what I was doing was or wasn’t “God’s will for my life.” I changed my major three times trying to figure it all out. Over the years I have realized that my idea of God’s will was way […]