Where Grief Meets Grace

Relationships are messy. Our interactions with people are flawed because we are flawed. Maybe our intentions are good, but as we live and breathe in the friction of the Already-But-Not-Yet—of a Kingdom that is somehow here but also on its way—we are reminded that our own brokenness is not too far behind. And it’s hard. And it hurts. This year two of my closest friendships ended within a matter of […]


Comfort in Discomfort

The month of October is my favorite. Maybe it’s the way the rust-colored leaves smell of spice and earth or the feeling of change in the air…but it always makes me feel more alive. Like we’re on the edge of something more than just winter. There’s something about being in the heart of autumn that makes me feel like anything is possible… And this October anything was possible. For example, […]


Committing to Friendship

“Yeah, maybe. Can I let you know?” Her eyes didn’t raise from her phone as she spoke. I had barely finished inviting a girlfriend to dinner when she responded with the dreaded, “That sounds perfectly great but I don’t want to commit without knowing for sure that nothing better will come along.” Later that day, I called another friend to confirm plans to stay with her during a visit, only […]


His Peace He Gives

I woke up this morning so thankful to finally have had a good night’s rest. For the past four days I haven’t been able to sleep well. I was tossing and turning, waking up feeling troubled. Things had been really rough at home. My husband and I seemed distant, and it seemed as though my patience lasted but a minute with my twins. I had began to feel lost in the realities of […]


Meeting the One

You are at a unique moment in history. If you’re a millennial, you are quite literally the first generation that has access to the entire world. With social media, online dating, and big cities, the options for meeting a potential spouse is practically infinite. Compare this to the last few thousands years when you were mostly limited to marrying one of a few people in your small village or town. […]


Leave the Light On

At the beginning of this year I took a mini vacation to Portland with a few friends. It was my first time renting a car and as the designated rental car driver, I found myself laughing at how easy it was to drive in Oregon versus California. To begin, people actually seemed to obey traffic laws. Well…except for me. My three travel-buddies and I were on a quest to find […]