The Criticism of Men

There’s a fierce battle raging over masculinity. These days, the arrows come from every direction. Flip through the channels and you’ll see the emasculation of men on a plethora of TV commercials or sitcom-style shows. In the sitcom King of Queens, Doug, the over-weight dad, is sleeping while his personal trainer plays video games in the garage. His wife Carrie walks in, crosses her arms, and shouts, “What the hell is […]



“Riiiiiiiiiiiiip!” the clear packaging tape was forced from the dispenser. I finagled with the metal teeth, trying to get the tape to tear without mangling it into a wad. For the number of times I’ve moved  since high school, you’d think I’d have the hang of one of these things by now. I toted several boxes and a duffle bag down a few flights of stairs, peering over the top […]



Flashback to August 9th, 2012. I packed up all I could fit into my Honda, said bye to all I had known, and hit the road. I decided to move 10 hours away to sunny Florida to fix my damaged heart and to set out on a journey to find myself. I left my comfort zone, my family, my friends, my job, and where everything was handed to me. I […]


Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

A nosebleed helped me learn to love myself. How, you might ask? Well, first I have to give you some background. I was in 7th grade when two boys from my class messaged me to meet them because they “thought I was cute.” When I said no, because I didn’t really know them, I was bombarded with hate. Words like “ugly” and “fat” kept appearing in their little AIM bubbles. […]


Hurdling the Haters

I had fully intended for quite some time to write an article on how to deal with haters while pursuing your dream. Although I had assumed my race was totally different from yours and that I myself had reached a magical place of fulfillment in which no negative comments could harm me, and out of that I would teach others how to do the same. And then out of the […]


On Insecurity and Identity

During the final week of October, I decided that I needed to commit to some self-care.  I had been feeling anxious and upset for most of the month without really knowing why.  I’d wake up in the morning feeling fine and happy, but most nights I went to bed feeling insecure and sad.  So near the end of the month, I brainstormed ways to try to cope: spending more time […]