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Coleen York Steinhaus is the founder and editor of She Has Worth. She also really doesn’t like talking about herself in the third person, but alas, here she finds herself.

Coleen began She Has Worth after many years of trying to find her identity in pretty much all the wrong places. Through the relational, emotional, and physical struggles that came with trying to find approval from anyone or anything other than God, it gave her a passion to reach out to others who are fighting similar battles. Though she doesn’t have all the answers, her hope is to help build a community who builds each other up and champions one another despite tumultuous pasts or current struggles. Which you can read more about here.

Coleen is a native Ohioan who resides in Southern California and is now probably over-confident in her driving abilities. She is also a freelance copywriter & editor (coleenyork.com) and would love to work with you on your projects.You can say hi to her on Twitter or Instagram.

Additionally, Coleen enjoys going for walks with her husband Justin, reading, traveling, hiking, art, Oreos, slurpees, and coffee. Not necessarily all at once, or in that order.