Hurdling the Haters

I had fully intended for quite some time to write an article on how to deal with haters while pursuing your dream. Although I had assumed my race was totally different from yours and that I myself had reached a magical place of fulfillment in which no negative comments could harm me, and out of that I would teach others how to do the same. And then out of the […]


The Most Important Person

I have a bad habit of being easily offended as a driver. This is especially bad because I live in New England only two hours outside New York City. When someone cuts me off or pulls out in front of me, I think or say, “Go right ahead. You are obviously the most important person in the world.” In reality, what I am actually saying is, “They clearly are unaware […]


Discovering God's Will

Discovering God’s will… This topic stressed me out more than you know when I was in high school and college. From my career choices to my boyfriends, I was constantly worried that what I was doing was or wasn’t “God’s will for my life.” I changed my major three times trying to figure it all out. Over the years I have realized that my idea of God’s will was way […]