Hard to Impress

I have been told most of my life that I am not easily impressed. Sometimes it dresses in the guise of  “cynical,” “jaded,” or “highly critical”. But whatever you name it, too often we become the things that we’re called, even when they’re not true. This one, however, is pretty much in the bag.  And I’m okay with it. It’s been my experience that if you are reading this, you’ve […]


Hope in Grief

What to do when the world feels too heavy. There is a quote by Tim Keller on the whiteboard in my office that reads, “The Christian faith has a hope that overwhelms grief. This hope doesn’t get rid of the grief or pain but sweetens and shifts it.” I wrote these words out on the morning of July 17th, when my Twitter feed filled with news of a passenger airline […]


What's in a Name?

“No one gets to name you,” he leaned in and whispered. I let out a short laugh, but not the joyful kind. All of my life I’ve been named. My middle name, Nicole, was picked by a doctor in the middle of a delivery room. Douglas, my last name, was chosen by my orphaned grandfather for reasons I’ll never know. Birdie, my family’s nickname for me, is the one that […]


In the Desert Season

Two months ago, I packed up my faithful Honda for what seemed like the hundredth time, said goodbye to the Florida life I loved, and drove across the country to California. Since then, the majority of the past fifty-seven days have been filled with a strong-willed desperation to find my “new calling”. Without a job to walk into upon my West Coast arrival, I found myself monotonously rearranging furniture, painting […]


A Daughter's Hope

It was late evening in Florida when I got the message– “Your mom had a stroke.”  My brother’s girlfriend struggled to give me details from California as I messaged my best friend, “I need you,” and tried to control the tears. No God, please not her. New Year’s was spent rushing off to airports and praying in the sky, followed by sleepless nights in hospital chairs and decisions I never […]


So, You're Not a Virgin...

As I dove deep into the world of Christian writers and speakers over the past few years, it became painfully obvious that there exists a divide between sons and daughters of Christ over issues like sexuality, modesty, and the holy v-word — Virginity. At 27 years old, I still turn red and tear up when I hear someone on a stage denounce the loss of virginity and praise purity.  Don’t […]


Committing to Friendship

“Yeah, maybe. Can I let you know?” Her eyes didn’t raise from her phone as she spoke. I had barely finished inviting a girlfriend to dinner when she responded with the dreaded, “That sounds perfectly great but I don’t want to commit without knowing for sure that nothing better will come along.” Later that day, I called another friend to confirm plans to stay with her during a visit, only […]