The Domino Effect

I don’t know what it is about the mind of a woman, but it seems like we struggle with worry way more than our male counterparts. Our female psyche is able to simultaneously think of 75 different outcomes for every decision and situation. Usually 90% of them are ways things could go wrong. Or ways they already have gone wrong. Or ways something else could go wrong based on the […]



When something is wrong I have the tendency to keep to myself. I hole up in my room, close the door, and create my very own personal pain closet. Whether it’s an argument, an emotional day, or a shameful feeling, my instinct is to ferret away and shack up in my room like the Unabomber. Not only do I not trust that I won’t give away the state of my […]


She Has Worth

Hey guys! Welcome to She Has Worth! I am so excited about this new project and have been praying about it for months. To those of you who are new: Welcome!  And to all of the wonderful male readers: I know, I know…the site is called SHE Has Worth. But I promise if you stick around we intend to develop some exciting projects and components for the men as well […]