When I sat down to write about the heart behind She Has Worth, I honestly didn’t know where to begin. Sometimes I feel as if my words can’t adequately express my thoughts.  Like hundreds of tiny moths, they flit about and I can’t catch them or bring them into organized expression.  But I feel compelled to give it a try.

The She Has Worth website officially began in May 2012, and to be honest the heart behind it had much to do with my own personal experiences, struggles, and failings through the years. I was raised going to church, told everyone I loved Jesus with all my heart and thought I did… until many years of trying to find my identity and fulfillment in boyfriends, accomplishments, and my waist size brought me to a place of complete brokenness.

In the quest to be the “ultimate” girl and in trying to make myself feel worthy, I had shoved God to the back-burner. What I had failed to truly embrace was that Jesus already loved me enough to leave Heaven, be abused on this earth, and humble himself to the point of death…for me. I was already worthy because of His love, because of the way He made me, hand-crafted to reflect Him.

My worth wasn’t in how I dressed, how many times I worked out that week, if I got complimented by someone, or even how many likes I got on Instagram. And neither is yours.  God began to show me that I was not alone in my struggles to find approval; that the search for identity and worth was all around me.

Society is really great at trying to dictate our identities based on Hollywood comparisons. Everyone is working to be more. And though She Has Worth is not against progress, what if you believed who you are was already enough? That your story, your experiences, your talents, and even your struggles had worth and purpose? What would you do with the freedom to be yourself, who you were created to be?

The heart behind She Has Worth is to help you be anchored in Christ, champion and celebrate who you already are, while encouraging you in your journey forward. Though none of us have it all together in the slightest, we wish to be brave with our stories so that others may be brave with theirs. And She Has Worth exists to give you a place and an outlet to hopefully do just that.

This life is not something you were meant to do alone. You are worth more than you know…just as you are, right here, right now.

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