There are times in life when you begin to wander, wondering if you’ll ever find your purpose. You search and pray and ache for the direction you know your life deserves, and still, you are left wanting and aimless.

And then at your wedding, you and a group of talented friends come up with an idea that suddenly lights your wild on fire (that’s how it happened for me anyway).

For me, this idea was, is, and has become Bedlam Magazine.

I’ve long wished for a space where any person from any walk of life—regardless of race, sex, belief, or sexual orientation—can come together to learn and love and discuss all aspects of the human condition and experience in respect and mutual consideration. I can now proudly say that such a space as this will exist beginning March 31st, and as editor-in-chief, I had a hand in creating it.

Since its inception and beyond, Bedlam Magazine is and will be a place that all of us can gather in faith and culture relevance to grow closer and stronger as a community of believers. We’ll learn from each other and laugh together. We’ll debate and discuss the intricacies of God’s plan and the steps our lives take in the service of that plan.

Most of all, we’ll love each other as the people we are and support each other as we search for the men and women we want to become. We won’t judge or criticize, but rather stand strong together and gather the gumption it takes to face the issues that wish to drag us aside.

Bedlam Magazine is built on a family of friends and expanded to include everyone. We are the family you’ve longed for and we’re established in a space easy to find and engage—simply a click away. Every day, we’ll publish articles and ideas that give a voice to the maligned and ignite the passion we hold in our souls. We’ll discuss the movies we see, the music we hear, and the faith we all hold so close. We will be fearless in our confronting of the issues and problems that face our world today. We will say what needs to be said and discuss what needs to be discussed, whether it is socially and religiously acceptable or not. We don’t believe in exclusion or prejudice. We are and will always be for everyone.

Beginning March 31st, we will not be adding to the noise—but we will be causing a commotion.

Join us, won’t you?


Editor’s Note:

When Cory approached me about being a part of the Bedlam community, I was ecstatic. Not only do I respect him (and his team) as a writers and as people, but I have genuinely seen a need for a place like this to exist for quite some time now.

Let’s face it. We live in a “gotcha!” culture where anything goes on the internet and the goal of many is to “catch” others in a slip-up and then publicly shame them if they don’t agree.

It’s bogus. It’s not what we are called to do as followers of Christ. We are called to be a light in the darkness, to bring hope to the hopeless, and to encourage those the world loves to hate.

I’ve heard it said that whoever controls the media controls culture. I think its high-time for us to take it back. As revolutionist as this editor’s note is beginning to sound, nothing gets me more fired up than Christian creatives settling for mediocrity instead of tackling the hard-hitting, heart issues of culture. We have the creator inside of us. The one who created everything, who better to carve through the noise and strive to bring clarity?


Cory Copeland

Cory Copeland is the co-founder and Editor-in-Chief of Bedlam Magazine. He lives in Little Rock, Arkansas, with his wife, Bri. You can find Cory on Twitter (@Cory_Copeland).

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