Let me be the first to welcome you to the end of January. How are those New Years resolutions going? If you are anything like me, they have already seen their demise. Cajoleries such as weekend dates with Netflix and those ever-addicting bags of honey mustard pretzel bits have the tendency to lure me into a state of vegetation as strongly as a sale on muscle milk would lure a scrawny teenage boy looking to get buff.

Okay, awful analogy. I know.

I kind of hate making a New Year’s resolution. I never follow through with them. “Like, ever.” (Thank you T-Swift.) This year I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t make a resolution, come heck or high water. But that didn’t feel so great either. January 2nd showed up at my door and something inside my head would not stop nagging me. I had already failed on my non-resolution (you read that right). My non-resolution to not “fall asleep” to Netflix and to only permit myself an hour of TV in the evenings, consisting of Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune. I felt awful and worthless and upset with myself for not even making it a full 48 hours. As I sat on my couch trolling social media, I saw a string of conversations amongst coworkers that got me thinking.

Instead of making resolutions that hardly last through the winter season, what if we chose one word that would define what we want to do or who we want to become in the year 2014? A word came immediately to my mind: passion. I feel as if the past year of my life has been lived complacently and with a lack of drive and motivation. If there was something missing in my everyday life, it was passion for a cause, for my profession as an educator, and for the people I share my life with. I have decided that I do not want to waste another minute in the back seat of life. I want God to guide me into situations where trust is a must and passion is non-negotiable. I want to be challenged. I want God to lead me to use the talents, gifts, and resources he has given me, and use them with purpose. When I feel empty and unmotivated, I will pray for God to fill my cup again. I am going to live the year 2014 with unrestrained passion.

What is your one word?


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Anna Couchenour

Anna works as an Intervention Specialist for students in kindergarten through third grade. She is nestled in the ‘burbs of Columbus, Ohio with her dog, Lilou. Given the choice, she would choose The Food Network over TLC, antique over brand new, and spicy over mild. Anna hopes that by being a contributor to She Has Worth, her personal relationship with God will be strengthened and that He will speak through her. Read more about Anna in the "Our Team" section of She Has Worth.

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