My husband Craig and I have been living in our new house for about six weeks now. Moving across the country with all of our belongings has proved to be quite the adventure. And despite all the chaos of the move, what was arguably even more adventurous?

Sorting through the boxes, unpacking, and getting settled in – it’s been an absolute whirlwind.

Let me tell you – the process of transforming a house into a home is hard work! But nonetheless, I’ve enjoyed setting up each of our rooms and creating warm and cozy spaces that Craig and I can enjoy. And while the rest of the house is coming together little by little, there’s still one room that I can’t bring myself to face – the second bedroom.

When we first moved in, Craig and I talked of making it into a second office, or even a music room. We discussed how if we still lived in this house a few years from now, it would make a great nursery when we are ready to have kids. We were full of ideas and vision for our extra little space – at first anyway…

As the weeks wore on, our second bedroom turned into the embodiment of mishap and mayhem. To be blunt, it kind of looks like a tornado tore through just that one room of our house. All of the extra boxes, little knick-knacks, and extra small pieces of furniture that we just can’t seem to find a place for have taken over.

It’s nothing short of intimidating! To begin sorting through everything would be crazy. And so, I close the door, and choose to ignore what lurks upstairs.

Oh, that mess of a room.

But isn’t this exactly what we do in our own lives? When we have a burden, a pain, a hidden sin that lurks inside of us, what is our natural instinct? To shut the door.

We’re too embarrassed, ashamed, even ignorant to face the problem that lurks in our own second bedroom.

When we welcome God into our lives, we cannot only allow Him access to the areas of our lives that we’re comfortable giving over to Him. He demands all of us. 

He wants the key to that closet at the end of the hallway, to the tool shed outside, or in my case, to your messy second bedroom.

Nothing is too far gone for Christ to renew and redeem. No mess is too much for Him and His cleansing blood.

Whatever you find buried away in the back of your heart today – give it over to the LORD. Give Him access to every fiber of your being, and be amazed at the healing and peace that will come over you.

He is calling out to you, “Beloved, my precious child, why do you carry these hidden burdens upon you? Give your hurts, your disappointments, your pains over to Me. I will carry you. I will wash you clean.”

“Draw near to God, and He will draw near to you.” // James 4:8

Alyssa Birchfield

Alyssa Birchfield is a blogger and aspiring author with a passion for sharing the hope of Christ with a lost world. She is also a newlywed wife learning the ins and outs of marriage with her husband, Craig, in the beautiful state of Ohio. In addition, she loves words, design, traveling, a good cup of coffee, and her three cats, Bella, Ginger, and Chai.

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