I have a bad habit of being easily offended as a driver. This is especially bad because I live in New England only two hours outside New York City. When someone cuts me off or pulls out in front of me, I think or say, “Go right ahead. You are obviously the most important person in the world.” In reality, what I am actually saying is, “They clearly are unaware that I am the most important person in the world. How dare they treat me like that!”

The entire world promotes the idea that YOU- your wants, your needs, your problems, your opinions- should be most important. “Take a little time for yourself” “Look out for number one.” “You’re worth it.” Even in Christianity, we sometimes get the impression that YOU- your heart, your spirituality, your feelings, your self-esteem, your happiness- is the most important thing in the world to God.


There is nothing on earth or in heaven more important than God’s glory. 

The only way for us to showcase God’s glory to the world is to live godly lives, obey His rules, and become more like Jesus everyday. Blogs, books, and seminars can all help you do just that. However, that is not where it is supposed to stop. I like to think of it as a bucket of water. We come to the Bible, to blogs, to good Christian books, or to seminars so that we can get filled up with truth. Not so that we can sit at home with our full bucket of water, but so that we can GO to all the world and be poured out over others- preaching, teaching, and serving like Christ did, then, when we are poured out, God will fill us up for more service.

We love to minister to you. We make YOU the focus of our ministries. Not so that you can focus on yourself, but so that you are enabled to focus on God and others. Because, in 50, or 100, or 1,000 years, it is not going to matter how you felt about yourself today. Only what is actively done for Christ with the truths given to you will truly make an impact for eternity.

Not one of us is called to live for ourselves. We are called to die to ourselves, and be alive unto Christ. Being alive to Christ means focusing our attention on the kingdom, and on bringing people there when we go. The only thing we can take to heaven with us is people. Giving is not just for Sunday’s or special occasions, but daily we are called to be a living sacrifice for our King.

Sometimes we can be so self-centered, worshiping ourselves and our lives when God wants to give us His grand view of the entire world. He sees every hurting or starving person, every young girl auctioned off to the highest bidder, every unborn child who can not speak for themselves, every soul lost and without hope in eternity.

We are called to serve, to be Christ’s hands and feet, to show His love and grace to those especially close to His heart- the lame, the poor, the weak, and the outcast. The gospel demands action on our part to take it to a dying world. We can’t do it if we are focused solely on ourselves. The Bible doesn’t just tell us to “Go and live the gospel.” It does say to “Go and preach it.”

When we live selfless lives for the gospel’s sake, God receives all the glory. 

Even the smallest of actions can make a big difference in one life. Maybe you can not reach the entire world with the gospel, or solve world-hunger, but you can find a need in someone else’s life, and be moved with compassion to meet it. You can go on one missions trip. You can find one person in your church or at your job to encourage and share your faith with. Imagine what we could accomplish together if each person decided to pour out themselves in service to another.

John 13:34-35 says, “A new commandment I give unto you, That ye love one another, as I have loved you, that ye also love one another. By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” 

This is not a passive, romantic, mushy kind of love. It is a deep, soul-stirring compassion that moves us to action. It is a love for God and others that calls us to leave ourselves behind and proclaim God’s glory to the world. If you don’t have this kind ofd love, ask God to put it in your heart. He wants to use you more than even you want to be used. Ask Him to make you usable. Ask Him to give you His burden for the lost and His heart for the world.

Psalm 37:4 says, “Delight thyself also in the Lord, and he shall give you the desires of thine heart.” If we delight in Him, He will be faithful in giving us the desires we ought to have. In verse 5, it says, “Commit thy way unto the Lord, trust also in Him, and he shall bring it to pass.” He, then, promises to not only give us good desires, but also help us fulfill them. What amazing promises!

So, let’s take our eyes off of ourselves and take a look around. When we finally understand God’s desires, when we get the tiniest glimpse of the world through God’s eyes, we will quickly realize that it is all about Him, it is all for His glory, and we are not the most important person in the world.

He is.

Lauren DeMoss

Lauren is the founder and author at TheFullTimeGirl. She is a teacher at a Christian school in New England. She dislikes early mornings, spiders, and folding laundry. She likes shoe shopping, candy apples, and fancy hair products. Through her writing, she desires to point people to Jesus, and encourage and inspire her generation and the next to be courageously and fully abandoned to their Savior. It is really all about Him. Read more about Lauren in the "Our Team" section of She Has Worth.

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